Manchester City Council

Markets Street Food Market at Piccadilly

Piccadilly Gardens, City Centre

More information and how to find Piccadilly Street Food.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11am to 5.30pm

City centre shoppers and workers will love this fantastic addition to the thriving Piccadilly market scene with its restaurant-quality food at take-away prices.

The term 'street food' relates to a relatively new concept in the UK. It has various influences and inspirations, however, it is generally considered to be artisan food sold on the streets, or more accurately, not served from restaurants or caf├ęs.

The Street Food Market is also joined every Saturday by extra stalls selling arts and crafts for Craft Saturday and better yet, offers its customer a loyalty card! Get yours today!

Just take a look at our list of traders to see what feasts you can treat yourself to!

Interested in trading at Piccadilly Street food or one of our other specialist markets? See our trader pages.

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