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Coroner's Diary Overview

These pages show the inquests that are listed for hearing in the next month or so. Complex / Jury inquests that are expected to last for several days, and are arranged well in advance, are also shown on a separate page.

If an inquest is listed at very short notice, it may not appear in the online diary.  Cancellations with short notice may also not appear.  If you are concerned that an inquest for a relative is not shown here, or if you are coming to observe and want to check the hearing is going to proceed, you are welcome to contact the office.  We can be contacted on 0161 219 2222 between 9am and 4pm or by email on

Important changes to our service location

From 15 January 2018, Manchester Town Hall will be closed to the public as complex restoration work begins. The Coroners Service will be moving to new accommodation in the city centre in June/July 2018. Between those dates, the arrangements are as follows:

The Coroners Office will remain based in the Town Hall but we will not be able to receive visitors there. All funeral directors’ paperwork will be available from the Registrars General Office, Level 2, Heron House, Lloyd Street, Manchester, the day after being notified of clearance. Relatives who want to speak with an Officer face to face should arrange this by phone or email. The meeting will take place at Heron House.

Court 1 will be in the State Room on level 2 of the Town Hall and Court 2 will be on level 1 of the Town Hall.  Access to the courts is via the ramp on Lloyd Street.

The Coroner's Court is an open court and members of the public (including members of the press) are entitled to attend should they wish.  We ask all visitors to be sensitive to the needs of the bereaved family - please read and comply with the requests in the online guide to visiting court.

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