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The Council & democracy International Women's Day 2018

2018 marked the centenary of the Representation of the People Act of 1918, which saw a change in law that allowed some women the vote for the first time, and there were a host of activities around International Women’s Day to mark that anniversary.

Manchester has a proud place in the history of equality and suffrage, and the key reason is that its people are doers; the women of Manchester are no exception.

Women’s contribution to our city is huge; they contribute enormously to the economy across the professions and all other areas of work. They are also the backbone to family life, helping to create safe and happy neighbourhoods, inspiring trust and friendship.

As a city that remains immensely proud of its women and their many different roles, we want to instil a sense of pride in our Manchester women, and inspire current and future generations to strive for what they want, and we want them to achieve.


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