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New bins arriving in city centre as part of litter crackdown

The first of more than 600 new litter bins are to begin arriving in Manchester city centre as part of a major crackdown on the problem of litter in our city.

The specially designed new bins are being paid for from the £14.5m Clean City fund, used to provide long term improvements to Manchester's environment, and any residents with more suggestions about how to use the fund are now being reminded that they have until Saturday June 7 to submit their ideas.

Residents told Manchester City Council they wanted to see less litter on city centre streets, and the first of the new bins will be installed from early June in areas such as Market Street and around Piccadilly Gardens, and across the rest of the city throughout the summer.

A total of £500,000 from the fund has been set aside from the fund to pay for the new bins.

As part of the crackdown, the City Council is also asking members of the public to take more responsibility for the issue themselves by not dropping litter, using the bins provided and encouraging friends and family to do the same.

A major campaign is being held urging residents and visitors to take a more responsible attitude towards dropping litter, which includes placing advertising slogans on paving slabs - thought to be a first in a UK city - as well as providing grants to community groups who want to organise their own clean-up operations.

The current litter bins are being replaced as they are no longer suitable for the amount of people who now visit Manchester - some are too small, there aren’t enough of them, they are in the wrong places and some are in a poor state of repair. Those bins which can still be used will be moved to other areas of the city.

More than 650 ideas have now been received since the City Council invited residents to suggest ways of spending the Clean City fund, and residents are now being advised they need to send any other suggestions to the council by visiting before the deadline.

This has been set to give the City Council time to work with the individuals to develop these ideas into more detailed projects lasting until the end of 2015-16 which can be announced in September.

The council received the extra airport dividend as a one-off, largely due to Manchester Airport Holdings Ltd’s purchase of Stansted Airport.

The money cannot be spent on projects which would create ongoing costs, such as hiring extra staff or supporting existing facilities, but must go to one-off investments which would make a lasting difference to improve the quality of the environment.

Cllr Bernard Priest, Manchester City Council’s deputy leader, said: "These new bins are a major investment in our city centre but we now need members of the public to work with us, understand it's not acceptable to drop litter, and take responsibility by using the bins.

"This is just one of the many ways in which lasting and visible improvements are being made to our city thanks to the Clean City fund. We asked residents for their ideas about how this money could be spent, and proud Mancunians responded to this call in their hundreds. I’d like to thank residents for their enthusiasm, but I’d also like to remind anyone else with suggestions for what we can do to make the city cleaner and greener to get in touch with us before the deadline."

Residents can also visit to 'like', share their thoughts or offer their help with approved projects, while they can also visit

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