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A response to the Guardian’s affordable homes story

The Guardian article this week (Monday, 4 March) wrongly claimed that of 14,667 homes given planning permission in Manchester during 2016 and 2017, none were affordable.

We feel it is important that we respond in the strongest possible terms to the article about affordable housing in Manchester.

The article was based on flawed research suggesting that of 60 planning applications (14,667 homes) given planning permission in Manchester in 2016 and 2017, none featured any affordable housing.  

This conclusion is categorically incorrect. 

The 60 approvals did cover 14,667 homes, but of those 1,458 were for student accommodation.  Of the remaining 13,209 homes, 600 were demonstrably affordable under the government's definition - equivalent to 4.5% of all homes built. 

Importantly, the research also failed to include 70 further planning applications that were approved by delegated powers. 

If these missed applications are taken into account, 10.7% of all homes built in that two year period were affordable – more than most major cities in the UK.

Manchester rejects this flawed research and the notion that we are a 0% affordable homes city.

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