The Council and democracy Our Manchester Strategy – Forward to 2025

Manchester's priorities

For Manchester to achieve its vision, we reset our priorities and refocused where our efforts are most needed. Together, we'll make Manchester a top flight city by 2025.  

A Thriving and Sustainable City  

  • We will maintain Manchester’s vibrancy and ensure that all our communities are included in the life of the city, no matter their age, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, faith or socioeconomic background.  
  • We will work to ensure Manchester has a strong, inclusive and innovative economy with diverse growth sectors, where our residents are recognised for their contribution via fair contracts and are paid at least the Real Living Wage.

A Highly Skilled City 

  • We will ensure that all of Manchester’s young people have access to good-quality education and we will support them to be work-ready.  
  • We will continue to support all our residents to learn, progress, upskill and retrain so they can access the city’s current and future employment opportunities.

A Progressive and Equitable City 

  • We will strive to create a truly equal and inclusive city, where everyone can thrive at all stages of their life and quickly and easily reach support to get back on track when needed.  
  • We will improve physical and mental health outcomes and ensure good access to integrated health and care services across the city.

A Liveable and Zero-carbon City 

  • We will create sustainable, safe, resilient and cohesive neighbourhoods with more affordable housing, good-quality green spaces, and accessible culture and sporting facilities.  
  • We will achieve our zero-carbon ambition by 2038 at the latest via green growth, sustainable design, low-carbon energy, retrofitting buildings, green infrastructure and increasing climate resilience.   

A Connected City 

  • We will enable increased walking and cycling and continue to develop an integrated, accessible, safe and green public transport system across the city and beyond.  
  • We will become a digitally inclusive city with better digital infrastructure, access to digital technology and strong digital skills. 
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