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What is a PSPO

When there are problems or nuisance in an area affecting the local community's quality of life, we may put rules in place to deal with it. These rules or 'orders' are designed to make sure we can all use and enjoy public spaces, safe from antisocial behaviour.

An ‘order’ places restrictions and requirements on certain behaviour in an area. The order can last up to three years. The Council can – after further consultation – extend it for another three-year period.

It will be a criminal offence not to stick to the order, and you can either get a fixed penalty notice of £100 or be prosecuted, which could lead to a fine of up to £1,000.

Why is a PSPO put in place?
A PSPO can be introduced if the relevant behaviour is having, or is likely to have, a detrimental effect on the quality of life of people in the area. The behaviour has to be ongoing or happening regularly, be unreasonable, and its impact must be such that the restrictions and requirements should be put in place.

Following this consultation the Council will carefully consider the results before making the final decision. People would be made aware of the final decision and if an order is put in place there would be signs put up in the relevant areas

To see the current orders made and in effect in the city of Manchester click here (external site)