Manchester City Council

Statement on viability assessments for housing developments: next steps

Manchester City Council today (7 March) issued the following statement:

Councillor Angeliki Stogia, Executive Member for Environment and Skills for Manchester City Council, said: "We believe we have robust mechanisms in place to maximise the extent to which developers contribute to affordable housing in the city.

"All viability assessments submitted by developers are carefully assessed and scrutinised by experts in our corporate property team but are not currently published because they contain commercially sensitive information.

"But we accept that that the there is a lack of transparency around this process and that this lack of transparency has led some people to question its rigour. We are keen to address this.

"The Council is currently examining how other local authorities are approaching this issue, including those which do publish viability assessments – and looking at best practice across the country, although we are aware that there have been criticisms in some cases that published assessments have been so heavily censored as to be rendered meaningless.

"We could not and would not change our policy without proper consultation with residents and other interested parties. We are proposing to conduct this consultation, which will include considering whether it is appropriate to publish viability assessments and how this could be best achieved, as soon as the evidence from other places has been gathered.”  

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