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Watch Manchester social workers react to thank you letters from children and families

A heart-warming short film showing the faces of social workers as they react to thank you letters from children and families they've helped has been shared online.

The film has been shared by Manchester City Council to mark World Social Work Day, tomorrow Tuesday 20 March.

The film - which has been produced as part of a recruitment drive by the council to attract both newly qualified and experienced social workers to the city - shows individual social workers each reading a genuine part of one of the many thank you letters sent to the city's social workers by families over the last year in appreciation of the help and support they have received.  
The thank you's help shine a light on the wide range of support provided and the incredible difference social workers make to the lives of some of the most vulnerable children and families in the city every day.

The thank you's include lines like:

'Life had been hard for a long time - my son's condition isn't easy but what made it worse is that people didn't take the time to understand'.

'I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all your support during this extremely difficult time.  You've been brilliant and didn't judge the situation or me'.

'Thanks for being down-to-earth and non-threatening, and for being transparent about your role with us.   Your advice was always practical and realistic.  You are exactly how a social worker should be; calm, relaxed, and without any air of superiority'.

'You believed in me as a parent and helped me see I was worth more than I gave myself credit for'.

'You helped me to see that I have strengths, as well as weaknesses'.

'You helped us put love and laughter back in our home'.

Councillor Basat Sheikh, Assistant Executive Member Children's Services, Manchester City Council, said: "Social workers do a great and often overlooked job of providing help and support every day to children and families, and we wanted to celebrate them and to shine a light on this and say thank you ourselves to all our staff.

"Being a social worker is not always easy.  As any social worker will tell you, it is hard work and can at times be challenging - but as I am sure they would also say, the satisfaction and rewards of a job well done, cannot be matched, and really do speak for themselves."

Watch the film of Manchester social workers reading out thank you letters.

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