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Chetham's Hospital School

Chetham's is now a nationally known school of music whose library contains some 70,000 books with an emphasis on local history. The present school, founded in 1656, is constructed as a series of blocks around a large rectangular courtyard. It stands on the site of the Manor House of the Barony of Manchester in which - during the 12th and 13th centuries - were held the meetings of the Court leet - the judicial body responsible for governing the medieval town.

From 1421 the Manor House provided accommodation for the warden and fellows of the Collegiate Church. After the dissolution of the College in 1547 it became the home of the Earl of Derby. Thereafter, despite the re-establishment of the College in 1557, the original building fell into serious disrepair until it was purchased by Humphrey Chetham after the civil war.

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