Report a repair problem with a private landlord

If you have gone through all the steps we have asked you about, and still not had a response from your landlord, report the problem here.

Before you use this form 

If the problem your landlord won't sort out is about dampness or leaks, use this form instead.

Evidence and agreement

Keep evidence of the problem, and evidence that you have taken the steps we asked about: letters to your landlord, photographs, estimates, receipts, doctor's note and so on. We may ask to see this evidence.

We will contact your landlord or their agent to sort out this problem. We may also need to contact other people or organisations you give us in evidence. By sending this form, you are agreeing that we can do this.

Using the form

When you go through the form, you have about 20 minutes to complete each page. Don't use your normal 'Back' button to return to an earlier question, but use the 'Previous' button on the page you are on. Questions marked * can't be left blank.