Order a bin

Don't order an individual bin if you live in a property that shares a large communal container. If you need a new communal recycling container, contact your landlord or managing agent instead.

Submit separate forms if you need more than one bin.

Recycling bins

Please only order green bins if you do not already have one.

Types and charges

  • Blue, brown or green bins - see what each bin is used for.
  • We will collect as many recycling bins (blue, brown and green) you can keep safely.
  • Recycling bins are one size: 240 litre. They are free.
  • Grey bins come in one standard size (140 litres) and unless you have a large family or medical condition, they are restricted to one per household. Use grey bins for everything that you can't recycle. We charge a £22 administration fee for grey bins. Only apply for a larger bin or rubbish sacks if you have a large family or medical condition
  • All bins that are delivered are clean but may not be brand new.
  • If any of your recycling bins are contaminated with the wrong materials you do not need to order a new bin - you can get them emptied as a one-off with our bulky waste collection service.

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