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Am I eligible for social care support?

To be eligible for social care support you must be:

  • 18 or over
  • A Manchester resident

If you require long-term care and support you will need to meet the Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) criteria.

There are four levels of social care need:

  • Low
  • Moderate
  • Substantial, and
  • Critical

These are described in the Department of Health Guidance, Fair Access to Care Services (FACS).

We support needs which are assessed as Substantial or Critical. This means we use our resources to help those who need our help the most.

If you have Low or Moderate needs we'll talk to you about care and support which may be available from other organisations and the local community.  You can also find a range of advice and support, and products and services to meet your needs in the MyManchesterServices website.

If, after assessment, your needs are found to be Substantial or Critical, you (and your family) will be offered help to plan and arrange your social care support.

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