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Personal budgets for care and support

During a needs assessment, we'll agree with you the level of support you need, and translate this into an amount of money required to meet your needs - we call this a personal budget. Once you know your personal budget and the agreed outcomes it will deliver, there are a number of ways you can manage your support. You can choose to:

  • have more choice and control over your care and organise your own support, manage your budget, and make all payments yourself. We call this a cash budget or direct payment
  • have us organise your support for you within the levels of your budget and make all the payments. Any contribution you make towards the cost of your support package is paid to the Council. We call this a virtual budget
  • have someone else to organise your support for you, manage your budget, and make all the payments on your behalf. We call this an Individual Service Fund.

We’ll talk to you about your options to help you make your decision.

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Was this page helpful?