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Care and Support may be needed after a fall or an accident, whilst recovering from an operation, due to the onset of illness, disability or impairment, or a significant change in your life where you need some extra help and support. 

If you, or someone who is aged 18 or over and lives in the area covered by Manchester Council, needs care and support, you can contact us for advice, information and an assessment of your needs. We’ll talk to you about your situation and ask questions to understand how you are currently managing and what your likely needs may be.

We will do this even if you choose to pay for services yourself.

We will also provide advice, information and an assessment of your needs if you care for someone else – whether or not they choose to have an assessment themselves.

You can contact us by:

Telephone: 0161 234 5001


SMS Text: 07860 003160

online, through: Sign-Video

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