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Consultations & surveys Closed consultation: proposed changes to the sensory service for children with visual and hearing impairments

We are consulting on some new proposals for this service. Read and comment on the new proposals.

Each year the Department for Education gives us money to support the education of children with high special educational needs. To make sure this money can pay for all the support needed we constantly review what we do and look for new ways to achieve the same or better results more efficiently.  We are working with Lancasterian Sensory Support Service to review the way the needs of children with special educational needs are met, and we are proposing some changes to the way we work.

We currently spend £3 million on the sensory service which provides support over and above the national requirements. The proposed changes would still mean that our service is in line with national recommendations. We believe these changes will make sure children with sensory impairments still get the support they need and would give us £410,000 to spend in other ways to support children with high levels of special educational needs. We are still committed to making all schools and other places of education accessible to disabled children.

We have some proposals that we would like your views on. Read the proposals for:

Before you give your views you can also find out how the service works now.

If you wish you can also download the briefing note that was prepared the for councillors.

After you have read the proposals you can tell us what you think using our online form. The deadline for comments is Thursday 21 July.

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