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The Council is able to provide support to Qualifying Bodies preparing Neighbourhood Plans or Neighbourhood Development Orders, but in general neighbourhood planning is led by the Qualifying Bodies. The type of support which the Council might be able to give could include:

  • Setting out the relevant strategic policies in the Core Strategy / Unitary Development Plan which a Neighbourhood Plan would have to comply with.
  • Providing advice on the legal requirements relating to neighbourhood planning.
  • Checking neighbour area and forum applications, and Neighbourhood Plans and Development Orders before these are formally submitted.
  • Carrying out consultation on Neighbourhood Plans and Neighbourhood Development Orders at the end of the process, once they have been submitted to the Council.

The Council has undertaken a number of studies to produce the evidence which has informed the preparation of the Core Strategy, and community groups may find these useful in preparing neighbourhood plans. The evidence base is available on the Council’s website at

In addition there are a lot of resources available online for community groups who wish to find out more about neighbourhood planning. These include: -Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide (Locality 2012) - information on how Planning Aid can support communities in relation to neighbourhood planning, and an online forum for discussing neighbourhood planning issues.

The Planning Advisory Service – a wide range of information on neighbourhood planning including a legal checklist, frequently asked questions section, case studies and detailed guidance on stages within the preparation process for a Neighbourhood Plan. Some sections are focused on providing advice to local authorities and their role in neighbourhood planning, but there is useful information for community groups as well.

Guidance from the merged Design Council and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment to community groups involved in neighbourhood planning, focusing on design issues but covering a range of topics.

Information on neighbourhood planning from the Department for communities and Local Government.

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