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Neighbourhood Area applications

Neighbourhood area applications should be made by parish councils or by a body which meets or has met the requirements for being designated as a neighbourhood forum, or is a Community Organisation (see below).


Community groups will need to think carefully about the boundaries of the neighbourhood area which they wish to apply to designate, as they will need to provide reasons for this in their application, and they will also need to be able to show that they have tried to involve people from across this area in their neighbourhood forum application (where one is needed).

Regulation 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 sets out what the applicants must submit to the Council as part of its neighbourhood area application.  The application must include:

  • A map identifying the area to which the application relates.
  • A statement explaining why this area is considered to be appropriate to be designated as neighbourhood area. This could explain the thinking behind why the boundaries were chosen, a description of the character of the area included and any evidence demonstrating that residents / businesses across the area feel that they identify with that particular neighbourhood.
  • A statement that the organisation or body making the application is either:-
    1. a parish council - in an area which has a parish council (at present only Ringway); or
    2. a body which is capable of being designated or has been designated as a neighbourhood forum, i.e. demonstrating that the requirements in the bullet points on the Qualifying Bodies’ page would be met.
    3. a body which forms a Community Organisation (NB Community Organisations would not be able to go on to prepare Neighbourhood Plans.)

Neighbourhood Area application forms can be downloaded here .


If you wish to contact the Council to discuss your neighbourhood area application before you submit it, or have any other queries about Neighbourhood Planning please email

Neighbourhood area applications may be submitted to the Council by emailing the City Policy Team at, or by post to:

Planning Strategy Group
City Policy
Manchester City Council
Level 5, Town Hall Extension
PO Box 532
Manchester M60 2LA

Following receipt of a valid neighbourhood area application, the Council will consult on this for 6 weeks and then make a decision about designating the neighbourhood area, based on the boundaries of any existing neighbourhood areas and whether the specified area is appropriate for designation. Section 61G (5) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by the Localism Act 2011 allows for the Council to designate a neighbourhood area with different boundaries if the Council considers that the area submitted is not appropriate for designation.


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