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The Council & democracy State of the city report 2017

A progressive and equitable city

Our aim is for everyone in the city to have the same opportunities, life chances and potential to lead safe, healthy, happy and fulfilled lives, no matter where they are born or live. This means reducing the disparities between different areas of the city. Manchester has made real progress towards achieving this aim over the past decade, including improvements in education and housing, better access to jobs, falling numbers of children growing up in poverty, and reducing numbers of young people not in employment, education or training.

Despite these gains, many Mancunians continue to suffer from poor health and have complex needs. Homelessness has become more visible in the recent past, with more people sleeping on the streets in the city centre. Areas of intense deprivation in the city are far less widespread than they were ten years ago, but exist nonetheless, and we must do more to address them.

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