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DBS certificates

Please note: it is now mandatory for ALL drivers or applicants to have a current DBS certificate and are signed into DBS update service (this must be done within 19 days of receiving your DBS certificate).  

What you need to do…

Whether during the currency of your driving licence or prior to the expiry of your existing DBS certificate, you must provide us with an up-to-date DBS certificate. This certificate, will be used as a ‘baseline certificate’ for the update service. We will do an annual check on-line, which will provide us with any changes to the status of your ‘baseline certificate’, we will accept certificate issued by another authority provided it is an ‘enhanced certificate’ and you have signed into the DBS annual checking service.

What we will do…

We will, for every driver licensed with Manchester, make an annual online DBS check, to ensure no changes are received to the last DBS certificate.  If we are unable to carry out this check, because drivers have failed to sign up to the update service, it is likely that your current drivers licence will be suspended and will remain suspended until a satisfactory updated DBS certificate is received.

If the check indicates that a change has occurred to the status of the ‘baseline certificate’ then we ask for a new DBS application to be completed and a new certificate. At this time a senior officer will consider the suspension of the existing licence.

Otherwise no further action will be taken by us.

We conforms to the DBS codes of practice – details of which can be found on the DBS website.

Please note
It is important that drivers inform us of any criminal convictions during the validity of their current drivers licence - for more information see 'recent driving or criminal convictions' details. 

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Was this page helpful?