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Taxis & private hire Become a licensed hackney carriage or private hire driver in Manchester

Stage 5: skills and knowledge test, stage 6: the licence

Stage 5: skills, coaching, knowledge test 

Once an application has been cleared at stage 4, you (applicant) will be invited to attend. View the driver training and safeguarding area, which will support this stage of the process:

  • a skills assessment – the assessment will test an applicants literacy and numeracy – if passed you will then be; and
  • given a time and date for their chosen knowledge test – once you have passed the knowledge test your application will be passed back to the administration team. 

At this stage you should arrange an appointment with your GP for your Group 2 Medical.  The competed medical form should then be forwarded to us.
The Taxi Licensing Team, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA or alternatively drop the DBS certificate at the Customer Service Centre.

Stage 6: the licence 

We will make a final review of the application and:-  

  • carry out an on-line DVLA check to ensure that the applicant has not received any motoring convictions since the date of application;
  • carry out an on-line DBS check to ensure that that the applicant has not received any criminal convictions since the date of the original application; and
  • review date of medical certificate to ensure it was completed after ‘Stage 5’ of this process. 

If everything as been completed correctly your licence will be issued.

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Was this page helpful?