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How we will find the right family for you

There are lots of different families – families of all kinds and sizes, some in Manchester and some further away – that want to adopt a child. Your social worker will do their best to find the kind of family that suits you and your background. This means that your new family may speak the same language, have the same religion and cook the same food.

To help us do this, your social worker will ask you if it’s OK for your details to go on the National Adoption Register’s computer system.

We try not to take too long, but we have to find the best family for you, so it could be quite a while. Your social worker may have to go and meet quite a few families in quite a few places. When we find a new family for you, you can ask your social worker about them. Your new family will send a special book or DVD to tell you about them.

An adoption social worker will already have been to see your new family and spent a lot of time talking to them about the important things they need to know to look after you.

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Was this page helpful?