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...our co2llective action on climate change

This is this city's climate change action plan. Everyone has their part to play and its successful delivery will rely on us all working together. It's not just about the City Council and statutory public agencies - local communities, residents and the business community all have an integral part to play, and many of them have helped in the production of this plan. This is a plan for the city, for us all, and its successful delivery will rely on us all working together, whether that's homeowners, community groups, businesses or public agencies.

As a plan for the whole City, it has been drafted with the involvement of more than 100 stakeholder organisations, with the explicit intention of seeking endorsement and subsequent implementation by organisations across Manchester.

This plan sets headline actions for just one decade - to 2020 - but it provides a strong starting point for a much longer journey, through to 2050 and a radically changed, low carbon future where large-scale emissions of carbon dioxide have become a thing of the past.

To find out more about the actions plan, what it involves and how  you can play your part, go to the dedicated Manchester. A Certain Future website.

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