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Homes & property Rehousing help if you have a medical condition

Help if you have a medical condition

Do you have a long-term illness? Are you finding it hard to manage at home? Would more suitable accommodation, or extra support, help reduce the effect of your medical condition?

We can help. If you are registered for rehousing we can check what difficulties you have now, and help you decide what type of accommodation would be better. You may get a higher rehousing priority if your current home makes your condition worse.

Register for rehousing on the Manchester Move website.

Rehousing priority

When you register, tell us that you need to move, or need housing help, because of a medical condition.

Depending on your circumstances we may then visit you at home. If we have enough information on the form we may make a decision about your rehousing priority without seeing you - but we may contact other agencies first to clarify your condition.

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