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Births, marriages, deaths & nationality Civil Naming Ceremony

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for all parents to celebrate the birth of their child and welcome the new arrival into the family and the wider community.

Each ceremony is designed to meet the individual needs of the family. It provides the opportunity for parents to announce the names that have been chosen and to make promises of commitment to nurture and support the child into adulthood.

Any parent can arrange a civil naming ceremony whether married or not. Civil naming ceremonies can also be used as a celebration of adoption or to welcome a stepchild into an extended family unit. Children of any age may have a naming ceremony and parents may want to include older children as well as their new child.

A civil naming ceremony can be held in the ceremony suite at the Manchester Register Office or at another venue of your choosing within the City of Manchester. Please note, however, although venues do not need a licence for this type of ceremony, they must be deemed suitable by the Manchester Registration Service before a civil naming ceremony can take place there. All venues that have a licence for marriages have also been approved for civil naming ceremonies.

If you require further information or wish to arrange a civil naming ceremonies please contact the Ceremonies Section at Manchester Register Office on 0161 234 5005. (It's a very busy line. If you have difficulty getting through, you can send us an email with your daytime telephone number and we will phone you back as soon as we can. email: 


Monday - Thursday

  • Ceremony at Register Office: £150 incl VAT  
  • Ceremony at outside venue: £170 incl VAT  

Friday - Saturday

  • Ceremony at Register Office: £150 incl VAT  
  • Ceremony at outside venue: £200 incl VAT 

Sunday and Bank Holidays

  • Ceremony at outside venue: £240 incl VAT 

For all bookings made on or after 1 April 2015 the fees will be:

Ceremony in the Pankhurst Suite (at the Register Office)

Monday - Friday      £140.00  incl VAT 
Saturday                 £190.00  incl VAT 

Ceremony at an outside venue

Monday - Saturday                    £240.00  incl VAT 
Sundays and Bank Holidays      £270.00  incl VAT

(The Register Office is not open for ceremonies on Sundays or Bank Holidays)

Venues Licensed to hold ceremonies

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