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Manchester's population, ethnicity and migration

Local level population data can be found in the Intelligence Hub Analysis Tool.

2016 Mid Year Estimate of population shows Manchester's population to be 541,300 (Source: rounded estimate from 2016 MYE, Office for National Statistics, Crown copyright)

Additional 2011 Census data for Manchester

A16. Ward map of Manchester

Manchester Factsheet (updated December 2016)  - Key statistics for Manchester from Government sources

Population Estimate Mid-2016 - Mid-Year Estimate (MYE) for age groups in Manchester; total MYE in Greater Manchester districts

Population Estimate Mid-2016 summary report - Estimated population of Manchester on 30 June 2016 was 541,263 (2017 MYE for city due end June 2018)

2016 Ward estimates - 2016 MYE by age group and sex (2017 MYE at ward level due Autumn 2018)

Internal Migration 2014-15 - Moves in and out of Manchester from the UK

Profile of Migration in Manchester, 2015  - Migration to and from Manchester from the UK and abroad

 Population projections (2014-based) for Manchester - Summary of 2014-based SNPP (2016-based SNPP due in 2018)

Ethnic minority groups, 2011 - Estimates using Census 2011 ward data

Profile of Children in Manchester, 2017 - Report on children aged 0 to16

Profile of Older people in Manchester, 2016 - Report on population aged 65 and over 

Ethnic groups by broad age and sex, 2011 - Census data on ethnic groups

Manchester's population historically to present  - Changing population from 1086

Ward density and population, 2016  - Ward population and density from 2016 MYE

Ward health population factsheets

Picture of Progress: Compendium of Statistics - Health data for Manchester

The Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) - age-profiler for any two combinations of areas and ethnic group, religion or national identity from the 2011 Census.

The Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) - briefing papers on issues relating to ethnicity from 2011 Census data.

The University of Manchester has introduced LinguaSnapp, a project to develop a multilingual landscape map of Manchester.


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