Alexander Ireland collection

  1. Alexander Ireland (1809-1894) came to our city in 1843 and became managing partner of the Manchester Examiner. He had previously lived in Edinburgh where he formed friendships with many leading British writers of the day – William Hazlitt, James Leigh Hunt, Thomas Carlyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Charles and Mary Lamb.

  2. What's available

    We hold a collection of books and papers relating to 19th century essayists that were collated by Ireland throughout his life. Coverage of authors vary but contains many first editions of their works and other rare material.

    There are also annotated and autographed editions, original copies of letters, as well as biographies and cuttings.

  3. How to access

    Ask a member of staff in the Central Library search room for the printed catalogue of the collection. 

    You can also look at items from the collection in the search room, please make an appointment (with at least one day notice).

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