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Langho Colony or Centre

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  2. History

    The Langho Colony was founded in 1906 by the Joint Asylum Committee of the Chorlton and Manchester Board of Guardians in the Ribble Valley as a hospital for epileptics. In 1929 its control passed to us.

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  4. What's available

    We hold records of the Langho Colony (ref GB127.M484). These include:

    • admission and discharge books, Nov 1906 to Sep 1940 (1917 to 1921 is missing)
    • religious creed register, 1906-c.1974
    • registers of deaths, 1907 to 1984
    • a burial register, 1907 to 17 Jun 1929.

    Records less than one hundred years old which contain personal information are on restricted access.

  5. How to access

    Resources are available in the search room, please make an appointment.

  6. Related information

    For a history of the colony see Jean Barclay, Langho Colony/Langho Centre. 1906-1984: A Contextual Study of Manchester's Public Institution for people with Epilepsy (q 362.196853Ba(850)).

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