Local elections 2007

  1. Results

    City Wide turnout  28.35%

    Ancoats and Clayton Ward. Electorate: 9,642  Turnout: 24.39%

    Candidate Party Votes
    Victoria J H ALBUM Green Party 148
    David HOPPS The Conservative Party Candidate 135
    John HULSE Independent 76
    Mick LOUGHMAN The Labour Party Candidate 1518
    Daniel J VALENTINE Liberal Democrats 473

    Ardwick Ward. Electorate: 9,917  Turnout: 21.48%

    Candidate Party Votes
    Kashif ALI The Conservative Party Candidate 155
    Jawaid CHAUDHRY Liberal Democrats 526
    Justine M HALL Green Party 224
    Bernard PRIEST The Labour Party Candidate 1219

    Baguley. Electorate: 10,333 Turnout: 23%

    Candidate   Party Votes 
    Paul G ANDREWS  The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate  1268
    Karen J DUFFY  Green Party  176
    William D FISHER  Liberal Democrat  233
    John S LEANING  The Conservative Party Candidate  481
    Lynn WORTHINGTON Socialist Alternative- Save Our Baby Unit  251

    Bradford. Electorate: 8,314 Turnout: 22.3%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Rosa BATTLE  The Labour Party Candidate  1476
    James GUISE  Liberal Democrats  288
    Rodney KELLER  The Conservative Party Candidate  190
    Christopher WALDON   Green Party  131

    Brooklands. Electorate: 9,988 Turnout: 29.10%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Sue COOLEY  The Labour Party Candidate  1460
    David J KIERMAN  Liberal Democrats  342
    Tamisin MACCARTHY-MORROGH Green Party  140
    Marie RAYNOR  The Conservative Party Candidate  958

    Burnage. Electorate: 10,437 Turnout: 32%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Iain DONALDSON Liberal Democrats  1825
    Frank DUFFY  The Labour Party Candidate  1209
    Joseph M GAIR  Green Party  132
    Peter M SCHOFIELD  The Conservative Party Candidate  194

    Charlestown. Electorate: 9,439 Turnout: 27.8%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Basil CURLEY Labour Party Candidate  1542
    Helen S DOLAN Green Party    148
    Kim E GLASSPOLE  The Conservative Party Candidate  419
    Andrea RITCHIE  United Kingdom Independence Party  238
    Ann RODGERS  Liberal Democrats - For a Fairer Britain  268

    Cheetham. Electorate: 11,501 Turnout: 31.5%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Wajid ALI  The Conservative Party Candidate  380
    Mohammed A KHAN  The Labour Party Candidate  2340
    Sham RAJA Liberal Democrats - For a Fairer Britain  571
    Jackie SMITH Green Party  332

    Chorlton. Electorate: 10,221 Turnout: 43.3%


    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Paul J ANKERS  Liberal Democrat  1823
    Brian A CANDELAND  Green Party  544
    Angela M GALLAGHER The Labour Party Candidate  1781
    Claire MCLAUCHLIN   The Conservative Party Candidate  264

    Chorlton Park. Electorate: 10.168 Turnout: 30.98%

     Candidates  Party Votes 
    Tony BETHELL Liberal Democrat  1751
    Kathryn M BROWNBRIDGE Green Party  394
    Robert P A CHILTON   The Conservative Party Candidate  279 
    John HACKING The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate  739

    City Centre. Electorate: 9,472 Turnout: 16%

    Candidate  Party   Votes
    Rob ADLARD The Conservative Party Candidate  343
    Kin CHENG  Independent  114
    Kathy CROTTY  The Labour Party Candidate  391
    Kenneth DOBSON Liberal Democrat  498
    Birgit A VOLLM Green Party  171

    Crumpsall. Electorate: 10,229 Turnout: 29.9%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    John S CUMMINGS  Green Party  254
    Adrian P GLASSPOLE The Conservative Party Candidate  564
    Con KEEGAN  The Labour Party Candidate  1832
    Muhammad R SHAHBAZ  Liberal Democrats - For a Fairer Britain  398

    Didsbury East. Electorate: 10,230 Turnout: 39.1%

    Candidate   Party Votes 
    Geoff BRIDSON  The Labour Party Candidate  1301
    David FAIRCLOUGH The Conservative Party Candidate  526
    Helen D FISHER   Liberal Democrats  1856
    Gerry GEE  Green Party  359

    Didsbury West. Electorate: 10,069 Turnout: 29.2%


     Candidate Party  Votes 
    James ALDEN Green Party  389
    Peter CADDICK   The Conservative Party Candidate  414
    David C ELLISON  The Labour Party Candidate  712
    Robert GUTFREUND-WALMSLEY  United Kingdom Independence Party  61
    Neil A TRAFFORD Liberal Democrats  1328

    Fallowfield. Electorate: 10,610 Turnout: 20%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Ashton J E CULL The Conservative Party Candidate  230
    Peter M MORRISON  The Labour Party Candidate  1215
    Rachel M SILLS Green Party  251
    John-Paul WILKINS  Liberal Democrat Focus Team  478

    Gorton North. Electorate: 10,631 Turnout: 31.6%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Wendy HELSBY Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1753
    John HUGHES  The Labour Party Candidate  1365
    Joyce KAYE   The Conservative Party Candidate  126
    Rachel M WILSON  Green Party  107

    Gorton South. Electorate: 11,384 Turnout: 26.9%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Simon ASHLEY  Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1600
    Lawrie CLAPHAM   The Conservative Party Candidate  130
    Sabrina J JONES  Tusp  56
    Julie REID   The Labour Party Candidate  1150
    Barnaby J C WOLFRAM  Green Party  134

    Harpurhey. Electorate: 12,246 Turnout: 20.8%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Robert K BRETTLE  Liberal Democrats - For a Fairer Britain  355
    Roger P BULLOCK  United Kingdom Independence Party  264
    Joanne M GREEN  The Labour Party Candidate  1497
    Harriet HOLDER   The Conservative Party Candidate  294
    Katherine M SMITH    Green Party  133

    Higher Blackley. Electorate:10,116 Turnout: 29.7%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Vivienne I CLARKE The Conservative Party Candidate  372
    Joseph G M FINNON   BNP  716
    Harold LYONS   The Labour Party Candidate  1449
    Brian NEWTON   Liberal Democrats  268
    Shirley R REEVE United Kingdom Independence Party  82
    Michael SHAW Green Party  108

    Hulme. Electorate: 9,322 Turnout: 20.85%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Andrew P BINNS  The Conservative  122
    Steven J DURRANT  Green Party  630
    Mary MURPHY  The Labour Party Candidate  969
    Oliver WEST  Liberal Democrats  213

    Levenshulme. Electorate: 9,930 Turnout: 27%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Anne CARROLL The Conservative Party Candidate  248
    John P B COMMONS   Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1388
    Peter THOMPSON  Green Party  334
    Dermot S ZAFAR The Labour Party Candidate  742

    Longsight. Electorate: 10,059 Turnout: 31.4%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Abid L CHOHAN  Liberal Democrats  1506
    Spencer S FITZGIBBON Green Party    320
    Sajjid HUSSAIN   The Labour Party Candidate  1188
    Jane A I'ANSON  The Conservative Party Candidate  157

    Miles Platting and Newton Heath. Electorate: 10,239 Turnout: 30.6%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Derek G ADAMS  British National Party  256
    Lisa A DUFFY United Kingdom Independence Party  69
    Heather N GRANT  The Conservative Party Candidate  124
    June HITCHIN  The Labour Party Candidate  1331
    Damien P O'CONNOR Liberal Democrats  1270
    Anthony J QUINN   Green Party  75

    Moss Side. Electorate: 10,175 Turnout: 24.4%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Sameen ALI The Labour Party Candidate  1660
    George S CZERNUSZKA  Green Party  222
    Zeke E UKAIRO Liberal Democrats  384
    Peter YOUNG The Conservative Party Candidate  204

    Moston. Electorate: 10,935 Turnout: 29.2%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Henry COOPER  The Labour Party Candidate  1760
    Robin W GOATER Green Party  132
    Timothy J HARTLEY  Liberal Democrats  314
    Tony PINDER  The Conservative Party Candidate  637
    Peter D REEVE United Kingdom Independence Party  327

    Northenden. Electorate: 10,455 Turnout: 31.3%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Sandra J BRACEGIRDLE  The Labour Party Candidate  1458
    Lance CROOKES Green Party  182
    Nathan J CRUDDAS   The Conservative Party Candidate  279
    Martin C EAKINS   Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1352

    Old Moat. Electorate: 10,117 Turnout: 25.47%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Alice J COREN  Green Party  230
    Andrew PERFECT   The Conservative Party Candidate  215
    Jeffrey SMITH   The Labour Party Candidate  1382
    Richard J WILSON Liberal Democrat  748


    Rusholme. Electorate: 9,588 Turnout: 30.7%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Nahella ASHRAF Respect - The Unity Coalition  535
    Atiha CHAUDRY  The Labour Party Candidate  746
    Abu M CHOWDHURY Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1241
    Penny COLLINS Green Party  224
    Daniel R VALENTINE   The Conservative Party Candidate  190

    Sharston. Electorate: 10,912 Turnout: 21.82%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Amanda COLLINS  Green Party  229
    Tina DUNICAN  Liberal Democrats  290
    Joyce E KELLER The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate  1242
    Jimmy MCCULLOUGH  The Conservative Party Candidate  604

    Whalley Range. Electorate: 10,402 Turnout: 39%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Faraz A BHATTI Liberal Democrats  2030
    Mary R CANDELAND  Green Party  393
    Kath FRY The Labour Party Candidate  1418
    Tim LANGLEY  The Conservative Party Candidate  206

    Withington. Electorate: 10,316 Turnout: 21.5%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Adele N DOUGLAS  The Conservative Party Candidate  157 
    Alison P FIRTH  Liberal Democrats - For a Fairer Britain  1346
    Felicity S PARIS   Green Party  216
    Andrew SIMCOCK   The Labour Party Candidate  499

    Woodhouse Park. Electorate: 9,840 Turnout: 21.2%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Jody N BRADFORD Green Party  161
    Stephen J HEATH  The Conservative Party Candidate  378
    Barbara O'NEIL  The Labour Party Candidate  1354
    Joseph PODBYLSKI   Liberal Democrats  182

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