Local elections 2006

  1. Results

    City wide turnout  29.02%

    Ancoats and Clayton. Electorate: 9,200 Turnout: 33.2%

    Candidate Party Votes
    Jim Battle The Labour Party Candidate 1463
    Christine Joan Birchenough The Conservative Party Candidate 136
    John Hulse Independent 71
    Richard Francis Keatley Green Party 126
    Daniel James Valentine Liberal Democrat 1235

    Ardwick. Electorate: 9,366 Turnout: 21.9%

    Candidate Party Votes
    Christopher David Charlton Green Party 216
    Mohammad Alam Panwar Liberal Democrat 405
    Mavis Smitheman The Labour Party Candidate 1248
    Tadeusz Sochacki The Conservative Party Candidate 163

    Baguley. Electorate: 10,299 Turnout: 24.1%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Leslie James Ardron   Liberal Democrat  323
    Joyce Kaye  The Conservative Party Candidate  498
    Eddie McCulley  Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate  1205
    Lynne Richmond Green Party  220
    Lynn Worthington  The Socialist Alternative Candidate  214

    Bradford. Electorate: 8,627 Turnout: 25.5%

     Candidate  Party Votes 
    Karen Abbad The Conservative Party Candidate  188
    Robert Kinnon Brettle (also known as Rob) Liberal Democrat  316
    John Longsden The Labour Party Candidate  1525
    Christopher Waldon Green Party  156

    Brooklands. Electorate: 9,789 Turnout: 33.6%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    John Paul Ankers Liberal Democrat  787
    Ralph John Ellerton The Conservative Party Candidate  953
    Tamisin MacCarthy-Morrogh Green Party  149
    Susan Christine Murphy (also known as Sue) Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate  1378

    Burnage. Electorate: 10,295 Turnout: 30.1%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Frank Oliver Duffy The Labour Party Candidate  1169
    Rodney Alan Isherwood Liberal Democrat  1460
    Elindsay James   Green Party  192
    Dorothy Helen Keller  The Conservative Party Candidate  252

    Charlestown. Electorate: 9,053 Turnout: 29.4%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Vivienne Inez Clarke  The Conservative Party Candidate  388
    Helen Sarah Dolan   Green Party  159
    Eric Hobin   The Labour Party Candidate  1435
    Catherine Andrea Ritchie UK Independence Party  312
    Ann Rodgers   Liberal Democrat  348

    Cheetham. Electorate: 10,323 Turnout: 36.3%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Qassim Afzal Liberal Democrat  1608
    Kim Elvin Glasspole   The Conservative Party Candidate  191
    Naeem Ul Hassam  The Labour Party Candidate  1707
    Jacqueline Smith Green Party  235

    Chorlton. Electorate: 10,120 Turnout: 43.3%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Amar Rouf Ahmed The Conservative Party Candidate  198  
    Brian Arthur Candeland  Green Party   609
    Charles Leslie Glover   Liberal Democrat  1713
    Valerie Isabel Stevens (also known as Val)  Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate  1828

    Chorlton Park. Electorate: 9,823 Turnout: 32.3%

    Candidate  Party   Votes
    Kathryn Mary Brownbridge  Green Party  399
    Rodney Keller The Conservative Party Candidate  229
    Norman Lewis Liberal Democrat  1724
    Yogesh Virmani  The Labour Party Candidate  797

    City Centre. Electorate: 8,523 Turnout: 16.2%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    James Jacob Gilchrist Berry  The Conservative Party Candidate  311
    Elaine Boyes  Liberal Democrat  531
    Chris Paul Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate    374
    Birgit Vollm  Green Party  181

    Crumpsall. Electorate: 9,937 Turnout: 34.0%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Raja Shamin Akhtar (also known as Sham) Liberal Democrat  738
    Adrian Paul Glasspole   The Conservative Party Candidate  476
    Justine Michelle Hall  Green Party  223
    Jon-Leigh Pritchard   The Labour Party Candidate  1667
    Ernest Robert Willescroft   UK Independence Party  259

    Didsbury East. Electorate: 10,230 Turnout: 39.1%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Geoffrey Bridson The Labour Party Candidate  1369
    Richard Edgar Gee  Green Party  459
    Anthony Thomas Parkinson Liberal Democrat  1809
    Peter Malcolm Schofield The Conservative Party Candidate  359

    Didsbury West. Electorate: 9,906 Turnout: 28.1%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Richard Mark Clayton Liberal Democrat  1189
    George Stanislaw Czernuszka Green Party  329
    David Clive Ellison The Labour Party Candidate  692
    Robert Gutfreund-Walmsley  UK Independence Party  76
    Peter Girvan Hilton   The Conservative Party  485

    Fallowfield. Electorate: 10,411 Turnout: 28.2%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Michael Lee Amesbury (also known as Mike)  The Labour Party Candidate  1357
    Cedric Beniston  The Conservative Party Candidate  171
    Joseph Gerard Marjella Finnon British National Party  140
    Susan Somerville  Green Party  168
    John-Paul Wilkins   Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1086

    Gorton North. Electorate: 9,987 Turnout: 31.6%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Patricia Ann Ainscough  The Conservative Party Candidate  144
    Allan James Grafton  Independent  465
    David Colin Jones  Independent  72
    Bernadette Newing   Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1132
    Nilofar Siddiqi  The Labour Party Candidate  1244
    Rachel Michelle Wilson   Green Party  78

    Gorton South. Electorate: 10,705 Turnout: 27.1%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    John Richard Bridges  Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1375
    Raymond Kenyon   The Conservative Party Candidate  226
    David William Mottram  Green Party  246
    Julie Reid   The Labour Party Candidate  1031

    Harpurhey. Electorate: 11,625 Turnout: 22.4%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Gareth David Aubrey Liberal Democrat  320
    Ian Beswick   The Conservative Party Candidate  302
    Roger Porter Bullock   UK Independence Party  312
    Paul Fairweather   The Labour Party Candidate  1420
    Darren Jason Flynn   Green Party  215

    Higher Blackley. Electorate: 9,895 Turnout: 26.5%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Barbara Argyropoulos Liberal Democrat  383
    Terence Shannon   The Conservative Party Candidate  506
    Michael Robert Shaw   Green Party  226
    Anna Margaret Trotman  The Labour Party Candidate  1477

    Hulme. Electorate: 8,936 Turnout: 24.6%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Christine Anne Boscott-Shermerdine   Independent   53
    Steven Jonathan Durrant Green Party  539
    Paul Anthony Kierman  The Conservative Party Candidate  96
    Charles Anthony Lyn-Lloyd   Independent  11
    Nigel Joseph Murphy The Labour Party Candidate  816
    Cae Os (also known as Captain Cae Os)  Independent  43
    Peter David Reeve  UK Independence Party  20
    Oliver West Liberal Democrat  576

    Levenshulme. Electorate: 9,855 Turnout: 28.6%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Alexander Cowan  Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1402
    William Moore  The Conservative Party Candidate  217
    Peter Norman Thompson  Green Party  399
    Dermot Sean Zafar The Labour Party Candidate  779

    Longsight. Electorate: 9,558 Turnout: 32.6%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Rojob Ali (also known as Zahir) The Conservative Party Candidate  182
    Maryam Fazeela Khan  The Labour Party Candidate  1687
    Mohammed Sajjad Liberal Democrat  774
    Zeke Ezekiel Ukairo (also known as Hassan)  Green Party  444

    Miles Platting and Newton Heath. Electorate: 10,155 Turnout: 29.2%

     Candidate  Party Votes 
    Derek George Adams British National Party  501
    Brian George Birchenough  The Conservative Party Candidate  134
    Lisa Ann Duffy UK Independence Party  149
    John Flanagan  The Labour Party Candidate  1286
    Anthony James Quinn   Green Party  96
    Richard John Wilson Liberal Democrat  791

    Moss Side. Electorate: 9,807 Turnout: 27.9%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Mohammad Hamza Butt Liberal Democrat  509
    Robin Goater Green Party  235
    Roy Blake Walters   The Labour Party Candidate  1734
    Raymond Talbot Wattenbach  The Conservative Party Candidate  116
    Anthony Rosewell Weekes (also known as Reverend Juggla)  Independent  129

    Moston. Electorate: 10,710 Turnout: 31.7%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Rose Ann Cameron  Green Party  303
    Timothy John Hartley Liberal Democrat  506
    Anthony Gerard Pinder  The Conservative Party Candidate  755
    William Thomas Risby (also known as Bill) The Labour Party Candidate  1774

    Northenden. Electorate: 10,395 Turnout: 30.5%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Richard James Cowell The Labour Party Candidate  1431
    Lance David Crookes Green Party  136
    Nathan James Cruddas  The Conservative Party Candidate  391
    Martin Clive Eakins Liberal Democrat  1092

    Old Moat. Electorate: 9,869 Turnout: 29.0%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Robin-Ella Davies  Green Party  317
    Brian Harrison The Labour Party Candidate  1567
    Tina Maache Liberal Democrat  773
    Daniel Rossall Valentine The Conservative Party Candidate  221

    Rusholme. Electorate: 9,211 Turnout: 31.7

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Nahella Ashraf Respect - the Unity Coalition  615
    John Byrne  The Labour Party Candidate  804
    Penelope Irene Collins  Green Party  188
    Barbara Mary Goodall  The Conservative Party Candidate  135
    Lynne Williams Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1157

    Sharston. Electorate: 10,600 Turnout: 21.6%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Hugh Barrett   Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate  1248
    Agnes Anne Carroll The Conservative Party Candidate  402
    Karen Jane Duffy Green Party  264
    William David Fisher Liberal Democrat  355

    Whalley Range. Electorate: 10,278 Turnout: 34.9%

    Candidate  Party  Votes 
    Mary Rosalind Candeland Green Party  466
    Matthew Graham Cox  The Conservative Party Candidate  289
    Mary Rose Watson  The Labour Party Candidate  1637
    Joy Ruth Winder Liberal Democrat  1158

    Withington. Electorate: 9,959 Turnout: 22.5%

    Candidate  Party   Votes
    Delores Elizabeth Long  The Labour Party Candidate  613
    Andrew Christopher Perfect The Conservative Party Candidate  207
    Sarah Stuart  Green Party  340
    Simon David Wheale  Liberal Democrat  1064

    Woodhouse Park. Electorate: 9,515 Turnout: 22.0%

     Candidate Party  Votes 
    Edward Newman The Labour Party Candidate  1277
    Joseph Francis Podbylski Liberal Democrat  290
    Ruby Marie Raynor The Conservative Party Candidate  328
    Peter Andrew Somerville  Green Party  180

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