Manchester City Council

Burnage Library

  1. Address

    Burnage Lane, Burnage, M19 1EW

  2. Phone

    0161 227 3774

  3. email

  4. Website

  5. Number of computers

    7 PCs

  6. Wifi available


  7. Help getting online

    A member of staff might be able to help - please contact prior to attending

  8. Help with Universal Credit application

    Please contact Library

  9. Information

    If you are a library member then using the computers is free. One proof of address is required to join the library for free. Library staff will help you to get started.You can use the computers for one hour a day

  10. Other information

    Computer access within the library will shut down 15 minutes before the library closes Mon Closed Tue 2-5pm Wed 10am-1pm, 2-5pm Thu 10am-1pm Fri 2-5pm Sat 2-5pm

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Was this page helpful?