Cromwell Avenue, York Avenue and Milton Grove

  1. Ward

    Whalley Range

  2. Area

    Cromwell Avenue, York Avenue and Milton Grove

  3. Gating orders

    The Council of the City of Manchester in exercise of its power under Section 129A (1) of the Highways Act 1980 ( "the Act") and of all other enabling powers being satisfied that the conditions set out in Section 129A (3) of the. Act have been met hereby makes the following Order:

  4. 1

    Except as provided in Article 2 of this Order no person shall use the public right of way over the alleyway ("the Highway") described in the Schedule to this Order at any time.

  5. 2

    The restriction in Article 1 shall not apply to any person who lives in premises adjoining the Highways or to any police, ambulance or fire service personnel acting in pursuance of statutory powers or duties or to any statutory undertaker, gas, electricity, water or communications provider requiring access to their apparatus situated in the Highways.

  6. 3

    A barrier may be installed, operated and maintained at each end of the Highways. Private Sector Housing, Central Operations Division is responsible for maintaining and operating any barriers. Their contact telephone number is 0161 234 4904.

  7. 4

    The alternative routes for pedestrians and vehicular traffic which are available for use during the period the Highways are restricted are the roads to the front of 1 to 49 Cromwell Avenue, 16 to 28 Milton Grove and 2 to 50 York Avenue.

  8. Date of effect

    This Order shall take effect on 15th January 2007

  9. Alleyways to be gated

    Alleyway at rear of 16 to 28 Milton Grove for its full width and length. Alleyway at rear of 1 to 47 Cromwell Avenue and 2 to 48 York Avenue for its full with and a length of 113.4 metres.

  10. Report an issue

    Report a problem with this alley gate or find out how to request a new key.

  11. Location

  12. Original order

    To view the original order please email with your request. The original orders are not available in an accessible format online.

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