1. Summary

    This privacy notice explains what personal information is collected, what it is used for and who it is provided to. The notice also describes why we require your data, and the legal basis on which we do this. This privacy notice relates to our CCTV System. It provides additional information that specifically relates to this particular service, and should be read together with our general privacy notice, which provides more detail.

  2. What personal information does this service use?

    The CCTV system captures images of people and vehicles in and around where a camera is located. Where fixed CCTV cameras are operating, there will be signs clearly displayed.

  3. What is your personal information used for?

    We use your personal data for the following reasons:

    • To increase safety for those people who live, work, trade within and visit Manchester including monitoring for security and safety purposes of Council staff and visitors in Council premises.
    • To assist in the deterrence and detection of crime (including environmental crime), disorder and anti-social behaviour in Manchester; and in the upholding of legal rights. This will include:
      • Helping to identify, apprehend and prosecute offenders
      • Providing evidence for criminal and civil action in the courts including preliminary investigation of claims
      • Countering terrorism
    • To help reduce the fear of crime and provide reassurance to the public
    • To increase safety for those people who live, work, trade within and visit Manchester including monitoring for security and safety purposes of Council staff and visitors in Council premises
      • To assist in the overall management of public places
      • To assist the Council in carrying out its regulatory functions in relation to environmental health and protection, pollution control, contaminated land, health and safety, food safety, animal welfare, consumer protection, weights and measures and licensing.
    • To provide traffic management support and enforce bus lane and parking restrictions
    • To provide assistance and direction in the event of a major emergency in Manchester

  4. What is the lawful basis we are relying on?

    We collect and use this information to ensure we can undertake our public tasks of public safety, crime prevention and detection and allow positive management of traffic in the area (Article 6(1)(e) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (‘UK GDPR’)).

  5. Where has the personal information come from?

    The images are captured because you are present in the area which is covered by the CCTV system.

  6. Who will we share your personal information with?

    Your personal data is shared securely with the following, where it is both necessary and appropriate to do so:

    • representatives of the person or company whose personal data we are processing
    • other Manchester City Council departments
    • insurance companies
    • ombudsman and regulatory authorities
    • courts and tribunals
    • police forces
    • data processors
    • regulatory bodies
    • law enforcement
    • prosecuting authorities.

  7. How long will we keep your information?

    Our retention schedule sets out how long we keep personal information for.

  8. Your personal information and your rights

    You can find out more about your rights regarding the personal information used for this service. Your rights apply to the information held by the Council as a data controller, and the information we hold on behalf of the other data controllers.

  9. Contacting us about your data and updates

    This privacy notice may change from time to time. As such we offer an update bulletin so that you can stay up to date and informed.

    Sign up for out bulletin updates

    If you have any questions or concerns about how we use your personal information, please contact the Council’s Data Protection Officer.

    You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you're unhappy about how we process your information.

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