Performance, research and intelligence privacy notice

  1. Summary

    This privacy notice explains what personal information is collected, what it is used for and who it is provided to. It also describes why the Council requires your data, and the legal basis on which it does this.

    This privacy notice relates to the Council’s Performance, Research and Intelligence services. It provides additional information that specifically relates to this particular service, and should be read together with our general privacy notice, which provides more detail.

  2. What personal information does this service use?

    We may receive some basic kinds of information about you, such as:

    • name
    • address
    • gender
    • date of birth and age
    • school(s) attended
    • employment information
    • your GP clinic
    • financial information
    • parent or primary carer information
    • professionals or services currently or previously involved in working with you and your family.

    Depending on what research we are carrying out, we may sometimes receive more sensitive personal details about you (known as special category personal information) including information about:

    • your race and ethnic origin
    • your sexual orientation or sex life
    • your physical and mental health
    • what health or education needs you may have and how these are addressed
    • your religious or political views
    • any services that have been provided to you and your family by the Local Authority and other organisations to address your particular health needs.

    This service may also receive information about your criminal history, including any offences you have committed or offences you have been accused of committing.

  3. What is your personal information used for?

    This service receives personal data from other Council services and other public sector organisations. We may group this data together in different ways. We do this so that we can:

    • Carry out research on behalf of services across the Council. This research helps give us a better idea of who makes up the population of Manchester, what needs people in particular areas may have, and what services we should provide or focus on in those areas. For example, a council service may ask us to use personal information to build up profiles of neighbourhoods across Manchester to help us understand an area’s population, number of households, levels of crime, health, environmental requests, levels of unemployment and income. This research helps us to ensure that funding the best Council services which are reaching the right people and deliver the most impact possible.
    • Join up the information we receive from Council services such as housing, and external organisations such as Department of Work and Pensions, which allows front line workers easy access to information to understand the people they support.
    • Monitor how, as a Council, we are providing our services and to ensure that we are complying with our legal/statutory obligations, national protocols/policies and our own internal policies. We review the quality of data we hold across the Council, and produce statutory reports to external bodies – for example to Central Government, Ofsted, the Electoral Services Commission.
    • Carry out checks on how our services are performing, and analyse this to see what is working well, and what areas we can make improvements in. This helps us to understand whether our services are working, or whether there need to be improvements or different services in place. In order to do this, we may need to match your personal information with information held by other public agencies to understand how you and your family use our services, and the impact they have had in meeting you and your family’s needs.
    • To manage how we provide our services. We do this by looking at trends and using personal information to predict (or ‘forecast’) how our services are likely to be used in future. We use personal information to help Council services see trends in how our services are used over time. This helps us plan how to manage and fund the services you use in the future.
    • To respond to Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests.

  4. What is the lawful basis we are relying on?

    We are provided with personal information from other services within the Council, who will ask us to use this information to carry out some of the purposes mentioned.

    Sometimes the data we received is anonymised – this is where we would not be able to identify you from the information provided.

    Where your personal data is not anonymised, we use your personal information in order to carry out our public tasks and duties as a Local Authority (Art 6(1)(e) UK General Data Protection Regulation ‘UK GDPR’).

    In some cases, we may be required to share your information by law (Art 6(1)(c)) or where it is necessary to protect someone in an emergency (Art 6(1)(d) UK GDPR).

    For any special category personal information, we may need to use personal information in order to carry out our public tasks and duties as a Local Authority because there is a substantial public interest. (Art 9(2)(g) UK GDPR).

    Where we collect information for equality monitoring purposes this is to fulfil our legal obligation to monitor equality and diversity of council services.

  5. Where has the personal information come from?

    This service receives personal information from other services across the Council as well as some external organisations, such as:

    • Children and Families
    • Adult Social Care
    • Education
    • Elections
    • Human Resources (in relation to Council employees)
    • NHS
    • Revenue and Benefits.

    We may also receive personal information from other organisations, such as the Police, Department for Work and Pensions, Housing Associations, Land Registry, NHS, Career Connect, Mental Health Trust, Welfare Call, Fire Service, Schools and Colleges.

  6. Who will we share your personal information with?

    We only share your personal information where it is both necessary and appropriate to do so. We may share your personal data with organisations such as:

    • Government Agencies
    • NHS
    • Universities
    • Career Connect
    • Adoption Counts Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies
    • Share Foundation
    • Barnardos Action for Children (MTFC).

  7. How long will we keep your information?

    Our retention schedule sets out how long we keep personal information for, listed service by service.

  8. Your personal information and your rights

    You can find out more about your rights regarding the personal information used for this service.

  9. Contacting us about your data and updates

    If you have any questions or concerns about how we use your personal information, please contact the Council’s Data Protection Officer.

    You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you're unhappy about how we process your information.

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