1. Standards information

    1. Our charges are specified within our occupancy agreements and invoices, online, and in other notifications. We reserve the right to amend our charges, as necessary. Unless otherwise stated in your occupancy agreement, we will provide a minimum of 14 days’ notice of any changes to your charges, either individually in writing or posted at the market. 
    2. All charges must be paid on demand or by the prescribed date and time, and in accordance with your occupancy agreement. If you fail to pay charges in accordance with the terms of your agreement, or by the prescribed time, we will take appropriate enforcement action. This may result in the termination of your agreement. You may also be charged interest on any arrears, as detailed in your occupancy agreement. 
    3. All accounts, including repayment agreements, must be up to date before entering into an occupancy agreement with us. 
    4. A lease transaction fee of £1,000 +VAT will apply to the arrangement of all lease occupancy agreements. The fee consists of £350 +VAT legal costs, £550 +VAT surveyor fees and £100 +VAT development fee. This fee must be paid in accordance with the invoice terms and conditions. If not paid within the prescribed time, your occupancy may be at risk. 
    5. You will be charged in full for occupying any trading or storage space. Charges apply even where you choose not to use the full available space or stay for the full trading period. 
    6. You must have the facility to make cashless payments at the market. We only accept payment at the market by credit or debit card, from the registered trader and their business. For longer-term occupancy agreements, we require payment by direct debit. Where invoices are issued, such as for utility charges, you must use the prescribed payment options. 
    7. A receipt will be issued for all payments you make to us. You must keep your receipts as proof until the end of the agreement or registration and show these whenever requested. 
    8. You will be charged an administration fee of £55 +VAT for: 
      1. every payment that is later dishonoured, and 
      2. every health and safety infringement notice issued. 
      3. This fee must be paid in accordance with the invoice terms and conditions. 
    9. Visitor parking charges are payable by card upon entry to the Sunday Market and Car Boot. See further details on our website
    10. You will be recharged for any costs we incur for disposing of any abandoned items, items disposed of in the wrong disposal facilities, items stored or left temporarily unattended in the back of house corridors or adjacent to storage areas which have been designated as waste, and items deposited beyond the permitted perimeter of your allocated space. This charge will be in addition to any administration fee resulting from a health and safety infringement notice. Charges must be paid in accordance with the invoice terms and conditions. 
    11. You may be charged for the costs incurred by the Council in remedying breaches of these service standards. This will include any action we take to recover any charges and costs from you. Charges must be paid in accordance with the invoice terms and conditions. 
    12. You are responsible for arranging and paying for all utility charges and business rates where these do not form part of your occupancy charges. Where you are responsible for the water surface drainage charge, you must remain with the Council’s water supplier, currently Wave, and not otherwise attempt to change supplier. 
    13. Where the utility service is provided by us, we will recharge you for your use. Charges are calculated using the same rate charged by our utility supplier, to which we apply an administration fee. Your usage may be calculated: 
      1. through a sub-meter fitted at your trading or storage space for which we take regular meter readings, and recharge via invoice, or 
      2. via a weekly or daily rate at our outdoor markets and maybe recharged as part of the weekly / daily occupancy charges. 

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