Cleaning and Waste Management

  1. Standards information

    1. You are responsible for the proper use of the market facilities, which you must treat with respect. You must immediately clean up any mess you have made and report any neglected spillages or discarded waste to the market management team
    2. You are responsible for the cleanliness of your allocated trading and storage spaces and the immediate surrounding area. You must keep everything within and around your allocated space in a clean and tidy condition and free from refuse. Clean up any spillages or discarded waste in and around your allocated space immediately. 
    3. You must dispose of your refuse legally and responsibly, reusing and recycling where possible. Use either the designated market trade refuse disposal points or a designated disposal facility outside the market. Only waste generated within the market can be disposed of in the market trade refuse disposal facilities. Market disposal facilities cannot be used to dispose of any fixtures, fittings, equipment, furniture, unsold items, or food waste requiring specialist disposal, e.g., animal and fish waste, fats, and oils. You must not bring items or refuse onto the market specifically for disposal or abandonment. Do not deposit trade waste in the public refuse disposal points. 
    4. At the end of the market opening times, remove all your goods and equipment including any unsold items from the trading and storage spaces. This does not apply to wholesale units, indoor market units, lockable units, or storerooms.  
    5. Food and drink traders must comply with the legal requirements for the storage, cooking, service and disposal of food and drink including waste, and the cleaning of equipment and premises. Store all food and drink goods safely and appropriately in pest-proof containers. Visit the Food Standards Agency website for information about food safety and hygiene. Food waste should only be disposed of at the market where food disposal points are available and when permitted. Food waste bins should be kept clean and only stored in the designated areas. Do not pour food waste into the drains. Animal and fish waste, fats and oils must be disposed of by a licensed contractor. You must keep your waste transfer notes and make them available for inspection upon request. 
    6. Sanitary bins must only be used for the disposal of nappies and sanitary waste. Do not dispose of nappies and sanitary waste in any other waste disposal facility. Do not dispose of waste other than toilet tissue in the toilet pan. 
    7. It is your responsibility to ensure that your working practices do not have a detrimental impact to other tenants, traders, and users of the market. This includes pests and vermin. We hold an annual contract with Pest Control who make regular visits for the eradication of pests and vermin from the general market areas. Report any pest / vermin issues you identify within the general market areas to the market management team. To help prevent pest and vermin issues within your trading and storage spaces, you should: 
      1. maintain good housekeeping standards 
      2. store all foods safely and appropriately in pest-proof containers 
      3. arrange your own pest control provision. 
    8. Unattended goods are left at the owner's risk

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