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  1. Standards information

    1. To store, prepare, distribute, or sell food and/or drink on our market premises you must be registered as a food premises with the Council, and provide us with evidence of your registration upon application, and whenever requested. If operating in more than one location, each premise must be registered with the local authority in which they are located.
    2. The sale of alcohol is restricted and only allowed where expressly permitted in your occupancy agreement. For permitted alcohol sales: 
      1. you must provide proof of compliance with alcohol licensing laws 
      2. you must provide proof that you hold a BIIAB Level 2 National Certificate for Personal Licence 
      3. you must obtain your own premises licence 
      4. you or a nominated responsible person must remain at the trading space during all times that alcohol is sold. 
    3. Food businesses must have food safety management procedures in place, including a risk assessment. Further information is available on the Food Standards Agency website at Starting your food business safely | Food Standards Agency.
    4. Food and drink businesses must meet the Food Information Regulations. You must provide full written details of all ingredients in English. This includes any ingredients that may be harmful to people with allergies, and any food that is unpackaged or wrapped by you. The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law, requires all food businesses to label PPDS (pre-packed for direct sale) foods with the name of the food and a full ingredients list. Allergenic ingredients must be emphasised within this list. Guidance and toolkits are available on the Food Standards Agency website
    5. The sale, storage and handling of food and drink must comply with the relevant Food Safety Standards and conditions of the Council’s Environmental Health Department. 
    6. Food and drink traders must comply with the legal requirements for the storage, cooking, service and disposal of food and drink including waste, and the cleaning of equipment and premises. Store all food and drink goods safely and appropriately in pest-proof containers. Visit the Food Standards Agency website for information about food safety and hygiene. Food waste should only be disposed of at the market where food disposal points are available and when permitted. Food waste bins should be kept clean and only stored in the designated areas. Do not pour food waste into the drains. Animal and fish waste, fats and oils must be disposed of by a licensed contractor. You must keep your waste transfer notes and make them available for inspection upon request. 
    7. Food and drink businesses operating on our markets must maintain a minimum level three food hygiene rating score. We recommend that all food handlers undertake relevant food safety training.

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