Maintenance and Repairs

  1. Standards information

    1. Report any market repairs and maintenance matters to us online. These will then be allocated to the relevant City Council service or external contractor. 
    2. Do not use or tamper with any of the landlord's facilities and equipment. 
    3. Do not use or attach anything likely to cause damage to our floors, buildings, vehicles, fixtures, or fittings. 
    4. You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of your own equipment. Where detailed in your occupancy agreement, you may be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the interior of your trading space. You are also responsible for the cost of repairing or making good any damage you make to your allocated space, fixtures and fittings or other market property. You may be re-charged for the repair of any damage as a result of misuse or malicious / accidental damage by you and / or your employees / agents. 
    5. Undertake regular visual checks to all your portable electrical goods and equipment. Portable means items that can be transported, and which are designed to be plugged into an electrical supply. Portable appliance inspection and testing should be undertaken in accordance with legislation. Good practice suggests this should be on an annual basis. PATs (Portable Appliance Tests) should only be carried out by an appropriately trained person. You must provide evidence of PAT certificates to us when requested to do so. 
    6. Before you undertake any works to your allocated space you must have our written permission. You can apply for permission by submitting an online permission for works form. We may need time to consult with other services before providing an outcome. Prior to work commencing, we will require copies of your method statements and risk assessments. All contractors must report to the market office prior to undertaking any works. 
    7. Asbestos is present in certain areas of New Smithfield Market. Contact the market management team for a copy of the asbestos report for your units. Asbestos is made of naturally occurring fibres and is used in building materials. When materials that contain asbestos are disturbed or damaged, fibres are released into the air. If inhaled these can cause serious diseases. If you discover any damaged asbestos or disturb asbestos, you must: 
      1. Immediately stop working. 
      2. Not handle or remove the disturbed / damaged asbestos. 
      3. Warn others in the vicinity and tell them to leave the affected area. This includes the immediate work area and any additional area required to isolate the work area from the rest of the building using a physical barrier (e.g., wall, door, window). 
      4. Turn off and isolate any equipment in your work area. 
      5. Close all windows and doors to isolate the affected area and prevent further spread of asbestos. 
      6. Leave all tools and equipment in the affected area. 
      7. Leave the affected area. 
      8. To prevent access, where possible leave a person outside each entrance to the affected area to act as a sentry. 
      9. Report the incident: 

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