Storage Spaces

  1. Standards information

    1. There are limited storage areas within our market. You must be at least 18 years old, permitted to work in the UK, and have our advance permission to sell, store or display any items at our markets. You must not use our storage areas without an occupancy agreement. 
    2. Storage spaces can only be used for storing authorised goods. Authorised goods and services are those included in your storage agreement. There are some things you cannot sell, store or display on our markets. You must get written permission from us to change the authorised goods and services included in your storage agreement; apply for this permission using our online form
    3. Do not use your storage space for the purpose of garaging vehicles other than FLTs (Forklift trucks) for use by you in connection with your permitted business at the market, without our express written permission. To apply for permission email the market management team. LPG powered FLTs should only be garaged in well-ventilated spaces which are free from flammable material, particularly when parking overnight or for longer periods
    4. Unattended goods are left at the owner's risk. There is no build out permitted. You must undertake your business, including displaying and depositing your goods and equipment, from within the perimeter of your allocated storage space. We reserve the right to remove goods and equipment displayed or deposited beyond the permitted boundary of your allocated storage space. Especially where causing a nuisance, obstruction, or hazard. Items shall be either placed in your storage space or, especially in the case of perishable goods, removed and disposed of. For non-compliance of the market health and safety requirements, we will issue you with an Infringement Notice, which will detail the contravention and remedial action required. You will be charged an administration fee of £55 +VAT for each Infringement Notice issued. You will be recharged for any disposal costs incurred. 
    5. Keep all storage walkways, and general storage areas free from goods, equipment, and debris. Keep everything within and around your allocated storage space in a clean and tidy condition and free from refuse. 
    6. We may require emergency access to your allocated storage space when you are not present. Where access has not been provided, in emergencies we may need to force entry. 

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