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The City Council's constitution describes the four basic elements through which the council operates: the Council, the Executive, Overview and Scrutiny, and the Committees.

The constitution sets out:

  • the rules and procedures to be followed by the Council and committees when conducting their business;
  • the decision making powers of the Executive and of Committees;
  • the  financial and contract regulations;
  • the scheme of delegation to chief officers;
  • the rights of the public to inspect reports and background documents;
  • codes of conduct for councillors and employees;
  • members' interests and members' allowances.

The Constitution is made up of nine parts:

  • Summary and Explanation
  • Articles of the Constitution
  • Responsibility Functions
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Financial Procedures
  • Codes and Protocol
  • Members' Allowances
  • Management Structure
  • The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities Constitution
Download the Constitution 1.9 MB PDF

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