Schools, education and childcare Educating your child at home

Appendix 1a: The child attends a Manchester school

Step #1:

  1. Parents notify head they are withdrawing their child to home educate.
  2. School invites parents to discuss their decision, head off-rolls child from date of notification and informs Admissions using DKNK form
  3. School sends relevant information to EHE Team
  4. Schools keeps place open for up to 20 days to facilitate quick return if parent changes mind or if EHE is unsuitable. If child attends a Special School, parent must request permission from the LA

Step #2: Assessment of suitability

  1. Elective Home Education (EHE) Team Officer contacts parent to arrange a meeting/visit (face to face or virtual) to discuss their plans, assess suitability and offer advice/guidance. They will wish to meet the child to inform the assessment
  2. Parents are invited to provide evidence of the education they are providing
  3. EHE Team carries out checks with Social Care, Health and previous school.LA (if applicable)
  4. The aim is to complete the assessment within 20 working days. However this may take longer, e.g. if an unusually high number of notifications have been received, or if there are additional circumstances to take into account
  5. A full assessment may not be necessary if EHE has been deemed suitable by another LA

Either Step #3 - EHE suitable (most families)

  1. EHE officer writes to parents to confirm decision
  2. Named EHE officer assigned to the family who will keep in touch, usually on an annual basis, to ensure that EHE remains suitable. As above, they will carry out checks with Social Care and Health and will wish to visit/meet the parents and child.
  3. The EHE officer is available to offer advice/guidance at any time on educational matters if needed 
  4. The family will be invited to networking events which provide information on a range of topics including health, e-safety, access to college courses, resources and activities in the city and offer the chance to ask questions and discuss any issues with the EHE Team
  5. The family will be sent relevant information e.g. re Post16 education and newsletters from the EHE Team

Or Step #3 - EHE unsuitable

  1. EHE Team officer writes to parents to explain the reasons for the decision, which may include:-
    • Parent has changed their mind
    • No education is taking place
    • Parent does not provide sufficient evidence of the suitability of their plans
    • Concerns about the safety and wellbeing of the child
    • Parent does not respond to enquiries
  2. The letter will include information about the appeal process if parents disagree with the decision.
  3. The Admissions Team are informed of the decision and the process is started for the child to return to a school

An offer of a school place will then be made:

  • If the offer is accepted then the child starts at a school.
  • If the offer is rejected LA Attendance processes will be followed, which may include a School Attendance Order (SAO), fines and/or prosecution.

Change of circumstances

Parents may decide to request a school place at any time. They will need to apply through the usual in-year online admissions process

If the family moves away from MCC, information that the child is receiving suitable home education will be passed to the new LA

If any concerns are raised with the LA e.g. about the safety and wellbeing of the child, the EHE officer will arrange a visit/meeting which may lead to an offer of Early Help, a referral to Social Care and/or a re-assessment of suitability of EHE

If EHE is subsequently deemed unsuitable, the steps above for EHE UNSUITABLE will be followed

Further information:

Email the team at or visit the MCC website:-

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