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What happens after you apply

If you are entitled to a pass we'll write to you and let you know when you can pick it up from school.

Applications received after 31 July will take four weeks to process from the date we receive it. 

If you don't qualify for a pass we'll write to you and let you know how you can appeal if you want to.

There's also a range of other passes and reduced fares for under-16s. See who qualifies and how to apply on the Transport for Greater Manchester website.

Refunds for passes that take longer to process

It takes us four weeks to process free travel passes. If it takes us longer we can give you a refund for the days you paid for travel yourself. This includes all dates after the four week period and up to the time the pass arrives at your child's school. 

The same rules apply to weekly tickets, and we can only refund the dates that your child travelled.

You will need to show us the original tickets and receipts.

We will not give you a refund if:

  • a delay was caused because you didn't provide us with the right documents or a photograph when you applied
  • the school lost or damaged the pass
  • the school delayed giving your child the pass
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