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Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

Cases of Avian Influenza (otherwise known as Bird Flu) have been confirmed in the north west of England.

Avian Influenza is a disease which mainly affects birds, but on rare occasions, it can affect mammals including humans.

It is important that you do not pick up any sick or dead birds to avoid spreading the virus.

The government provides advice on what to do if you find dead or sick birds.

What we can do with dead animals

  • We will remove any dead animal found on public roads, pavements, public open spaces, derelict spaces and back alleyways.
  • We remove animals such as badgers and foxes as well as domestic pets such as cats and dogs.
  • If you find dead wild birds report them to DEFRA via Report dead wild birds - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
  • We will remove dead animals within one working day. But larger animals that require specialist equipment, may take longer

All of our depots have microchip readers for the identification of pets, when possible we will identify and contact the owner.

We are not able to remove dead animals from your house or property, please contact your local veterinary surgeon or a private contractor.

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