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Why construction?

Construction is booming in Manchester, and the city's construction sector is busier than ever. There are many opportunities available if you’ve got the skills that industry employers are looking for. With this demand, the sector offers great employment prospects, job security, and an exciting, varied career. 

Construction is becoming a more inclusive industry, and many firms in Manchester promote diversity in the workplace, both on and off-site. More women are choosing a long-term, successful career in the industry.  

A career in construction offers many benefits:   

  • Job satisfaction: construction industry careers can be the most rewarding - imagine watching your city develop, building by building, knowing that you’re part of creating that cityscape. 
  • Competitive pay: technical trainees can start on £25,000 a year and experienced technical workers earn £48,000 and above. Trades roles also pay well, and higher skilled workers earn £15 - £25 an hour. 
  • Variety: the construction industry is highly varied. There’s something for everyone: brickwork, carpentry and joinery, electrical installation, painting and decorating, plastering, engineering, plumbing, design, and surveying, as well as degree-level specialisms. As well as this, the sector includes materials suppliers, plant and machinery, and other supporting services. 
  • Good future: It’s also a career anyone can progress in – some of the biggest bosses started at the bottom. And construction skills bring you chances to move around the country – and even the world. 

Several key construction employers in the city are regularly looking for new employees. If you want to find a job in construction, you can complete our questionnaire to register your interest and we will pass your details to these companies. 

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