Social services Our promise to looked after children and care leavers

Our promise is to respect you as an individual, regardless of religious belief, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity or disability, and support you on your journey to be a resilient and confident person in your own right.

Respect you

  • We will make sure we support you in a kind, compassionate, considerate and timely way.
  • We will listen to you and value your voice, as an individual and through our Children in Care Council and Care Leavers Council.
  • We will involve you in decisions and plans about your life.
  • We will make sure you feel comfortable and supported to attend your meetings and reviews if you wish to.
  • We will try to help you to understand why you are in our care.
  • We will talk to you in a language or use methods that you understand.

Care for you

  • We will make sure we provide a stable environment for you to live and learn in.
  • We will do everything to make sure your happiness, wellbeing and safety are our priorities.
  • We will support you to stay healthy and make sure you get good health care when you need it (including your physical, mental and sexual health).
  • We will make sure you live with people who care about and support you.
  • We will wherever possible help you keep in contact with the people who matter to you.
  • We will provide you with accurate information and advice and help you to access services that can help you.
  • We will make sure you know your rights and who to turn to if you are unhappy or wish to make a formal complaint.

Support you

  • We will provide a named teacher in your school or education setting who understands the issues that you may face.
  • We will try to avoid unnecessary placement and/or school changes.
  • We will help you to find hobbies and interests to develop new skills and friendships.
  • We will support you in any pathways you choose beyond school or college, including going to university or into an apprenticeship.
  • We will encourage you to be the best you can be and achieve the goals and dreams you have set.

Help you grow

  • We will help and support you to become independent and take charge of your own life.
  • We will do everything we can to build the skills and confidence to help you make a smooth transition into adult life.
  • We will show you how to be responsible for your own actions and how to participate as an active citizen.
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