Homes and property Housing health and safety rating scheme

The Housing Health and Safety Ratings System (HHSRS) is a way of surveying properties to make sure they are safe to live in. We do inspections based on 29 hazards. For example:

  • Fire hazards, we will check for smoke alarms, fire doors, emergency lighting and so on
  • Carbon monoxide hazards, we will check the boiler, for carbon monoxide detectors and so on

The level of risk for each hazard is calculated. If there's a high or significant level of risk, by law, we must serve an enforcement notice or order. 

We must carry out a HHSRS inspection if:

  • there has been a complaint
  • we are reviewing housing conditions as part of our duty

We also check to make sure the property meets legal requirements like pests problems, management standards and licences.

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