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e-petitions guidance for Manchester City Council website 

This e-Petitions facility allows you to have your e-petition live on the Internet, rather than just on paper. This way, your e-petition and supporting information can be made available to a potentially much wider audience.

Submit, sign & view e-petitions

Creating your petition

Anyone who lives works or studies in Manchester can set up a petition to the Council via the Council’s e-petitions website at 

To create your petition, you will need to be a registered user of the e-petitions website. If you need to register, you will be asked to do so with a Manchester based address. 

Once you have clicked on the “new petition” tab on the sidebar, you will be asked to give the full details of your petition. You will also be asked to give a short name for you petition so that your petition can be given a unique website address. You will be able specify the length of time your petition will remain active on the website but all petitions must have an end date. Most petitions run for three or six months, but you can choose a shorter or longer timeframe, up to a maximum of 12 months. 

Once all this information is completed, the request to open the petition online will be submitted to the Council. 

Getting your petition online

When you create an e-petition, there may be a short delay before your petition is published online. This is because we have to check that the content of your petition is suitable before it is made available for people to sign. You will receive an email from the Governance and Scrutiny Support Unit asking you to confirm your name, postal and email address. This is so that we can verify that you live work or study in Manchester and so that we can respond to you directly. 

We will endeavour to confirm all these details within 5 working days but the delay may be slightly longer during busy periods or if we need to clarify any specific information with you. If we are unable to confirm these details with you within six weeks of the request, the e-petition will be archived and no further action will be taken.

If we feel we cannot publish your petition for some reason, we will contact you to explain the reasons why. You will be able to change and resubmit your petition if you wish and it will be considered again. On some occasions, we may need to seek further advice on the content of your petition but we will inform you of this and explain the reason for any delays. If you want more information about what petitions can and cannot be accepted, please refer section 3 to the Manchester City Council Petitions Scheme.

Once your details and the petition suitability have been confirmed, you petition will be live on the website. Once your petition is live on the website, you will be given your unique website address which you can use to publicise your petition. We will email you to confirm when this is done.

How do I sign an e-petition?

Any individual who lives works or studies in Manchester can sign an e-petition. When you sign an e-petition you will be asked to provide your name, your postcode and a valid email address to register on the site. When you have submitted this information you will be sent an email to the email address you have provided. This email will include a link which you must click on in order to confirm the email address is valid. Once this step is complete your ‘signature’ will be added to the petition. People visiting the e-petition will be able to see your name in the list of those who have signed it but your contact details will not be visible.

Closing a petition

You will be able to extend or shorten the timeframe of your petition while it is open on the website but you will not be able to make any amendments after the closing date. When an e-petition has closed for signature, it will be treated on that date as formally ‘submitted’ to the Council and will be then dealt with in the same way as a paper petition. 

You can still submit a paper petition. If you are submitting a paper petition as well as an e-petition, both parts should be submitted by the same closing date so that the total number of entries can be verified together. 

What happens next?

After your petition has been closed and submitted to the Council, it will be dealt with in accordance with the Council’s petitions scheme which is available on the Council's website here.

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Was this page helpful?