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Benefits & support Discretionary Housing Payments

Apply for a discretionary payment

Don't delay. Apply as soon as you know you may not be able to pay your rent or Council Tax. We may only pay you from the time you apply.

Most people who apply for discretionary payments should use this general form:

Download and print a Discretionary Payment Application Form


Download one of these application forms instead in these circumstances:

      - If you have been affected by the benefit cap. (More information about the benefit cap

      - If you are a registered foster carer.

      - If your home has been adapted for you or someone in your family because of a disability.

If you can't print a form email us at

You must say which DHP form you need us to send. Please also remember to include your name and address in the email.

Fill the form in and return it to us at: Discretionary Payments, Appeals Section, PO Box 3, Manchester, M15 5BA.

We will write to you as soon as we can with a decision or to ask you for more information and evidence. 

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Was this page helpful?