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What types of inspections do we do

As well as inspections for starting and finishing building work, or before occupying a building before it has been completed, the following are some typical stages of building work that we might include in our inspection notification schedule - depending on the type of work being carried out.

  • Foundations excavations - before placing concrete
  • Damp Proof Courses or other membranes placed over the site to protect the building from damp and/or types of harmful gases. This also includes tanking systems to underground rooms.
  • Drainage before it is backfilled
  • Drainage after it's been backfilled - to test the integrity of the pipes
  • Walls before they are fully enclosed - this might be by way of an inspection at an upper floor or roof level
  • When any structural beams or columns have been installed
  • Before plaster boarding and plastering is carried out
  • To inspect fire safety features
  • To assess if any pre-completion sound or air leakage tests are needed
  • Any other inspections the we think we should make having regard to the type of work and the methods of construction used.

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