Business and investment Business rates data

Monthly Business Rates data

Empty properties

This data is divided according to its rateable value (RV). 

The lists are sorted by ward and gives the date it became empty. The account holder name is only listed if the ratepayer is not an individual.

Mandatory charitable relief

Properties getting mandatory charitable relief

This list is sorted alphabetically by ratepayer name.

Small business relief

Occupied properties 

Occupied properties with non-individual ratepayers 

This list is sorted by ward in ratepayer name order. It does not show properties if the ratepayer is an individual. 

New liabilities

New liabilities for non-individual ratepayers

This list shows properties occupied by limited companies, public limited companies and limited liability partnerships with a business rates account that started in the last month. 

It is listed by property reference and gives the liability start date.

Ratepayers, addresses, reliefs and exemptions

Properties where the ratepayer is non-individual. This list includes property details, liability start date, ratepayer name and the presence of reliefs and exemptions.

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